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Hello! We’re Persimmon village! We're a bunch of friends building a chill campsite for EMF.

Village location: Near the Accessible Camping area. Exact location TBC.

Note: Wikitables isn't the most intuitive format to update, so if you need help updating any part of this page, you can ask Amran or Siobhan!


Note*: Use the Bringing column to list anything you’re bringing that’s cool, interesting, or communally useful.

Name (pronouns optional) Location Arrival Departure Transport Bringing* Special interests
Amran (he/him) just shy of the South Pennine Moors Thurs Monday CAR A 1.5m picnic table (need to check it fits in the car), 20metre power extension 1992 JZZ30 Toyota Soarer, GT-TL Edition
Siobhan (she/her) Brighton Thurs PM Sun Getting a lift with Olly A few synths and recording equipment to play with. More to add as we figure out what we need. Explaining things, tools for beginners, anyone talking passionately about something I don't know anything about.
Kim (they/them) }


  • If you’re staying in Persimmon village, you can join the Persimmon village Signal group. You need to ask another Persimmon villager to add you.
  • If you’re not staying in Persimmon village but you’d like to get hold of somebody who is, contact [TBC]. If that doesn't work, you need to procure a persimmon and carry it through the festival grounds, calling your target's name aloud.

Communal plans


Add your ideas, and let’s discuss as a group in Signal! If you feel like you’ve gained enough traction and are happy to facilitate, add it to the Confirmed section below with any relevant details.

Plan Idea-haver / facilitator
Egg-based breakfast every morning. Rotating chefs (folks can sign up to do a particular morning, might be good to have at least two each morning). Style of eggs to be determined by the chefs. Siobhan
[more TBC]


  • TBC.

Decor plans

Got something you want to bring to make the campsite stand out? Add it here! There’s no theme, just bring whatever you think will make the place look good.

Plans Person / people bringing supplies
Fairy lights. We'll probably want several people to bring some! Siobhan
TBC Name/s here!