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This is the village where Maker Space members (of Newcastle and Gateshead) and friends will be gathering.

  • Flat caps optional
  • Being nice un-optional
  • If you really must be on fire the please do it responsibly.

This year we will be extending the gazebo "chillout" area, bringing more radio equipment to demonstrate and experiment with, the original PDT (power distribution tent) returns after repair, and there will be tea. Lots of tea. We are big on tea.

Adding more EMF to EMF

Since last time when Alistair surreptitiously placed a LoRa station behind one of the orange "Loos" we've been working on our EMF creating abilities by reviving 3 dormant radio amateurs and creating 3 shiny new ones giving access to more spectrum and modulation types to play with.

To assist with this we have organised three NOVs enabling us to bring the following communal facilities
GB7NQ - EMF Camp's very own DMR repeater linked to Brandmeister
MB7PMF - Dan's Paging transmitter linked to DAPNET
MB7ULG - An APRS gateway with a difference (it uses LoRa so bring those spare 433MHz T-Beam boards)

We are planning on associating some MQTT action and visual displays with the above to add additional makeresque interest ;-)

[If you are new to amateur radio and think you might want to try out any of our toys then grab yourself an amateur foundation license before emf (they can now be taken on line courtesy of the RSGB) and a DMR radio / alphapoc page / 433MHz T-Beam off one of the auction sites (a cheapie Baofeng DMR handheld radio will be just fine so long as its Tier 2 capable)]