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As well as traditional telephony, CuTEL are offering blazing fast Dial Up internet, up to 56kb/s (Realistically you should get more like 30-40kb/s, if you need 56kb/s come speak to us.

You will need

Before surfing the internet super highway you will need the following:

  • A telephone line. See CuTEL_HQ/Setup for instructions.
  • A modem. Old ones are the best.
  • A USB to Serial Adapter if you're using something modern without a native serial port
  • Patience


Connecting varys between devices. If you could update the Wiki with how you connected it would be much appreciated!


  • Configure your device to dial DIALUP (342587)
  • Your username is for a Public IPv4 address, or if you want to be behind NAT
  • Password can be anything