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myself, hopefully  +
tent, laptop  +
Amateur radios, RTLSDR, Lockpicks, practice locks.  +
c64, fire and fax  +
self  +
various dev boards (ESP32 C3, RP2040) for MicroPython hacking, a not-yet-built RC2014 Pro, probably some LEGO, possibly some board games, a BLE thermal Cat Printer thing, a GPi Case 2 with games  +
tent, laptop, radio, 10m uk extension lead  +
The Things Network (LoRaWAN) Gateway  +
An Internet Exchange  +
Myself.  +
boundless joy, also a stove and a (small) speaker  +
stuff  +
My tickets (if I remember)  +
240v air pump, 25m 13a 4-gang cable reel, tent peg hammer, multitool  +
Torches  +
The Fluroclock  +
Have put lots in the car. (real time updates :)). Including a few bench PSUs, some decent speakers, lots of cables, some tape/etc, random electronics and dev boards  +
Evolve Hadean (crazy electric skateboard) and my laptop too! Ready for some hacking  +
power lead, fluffy blankets, pastel rubik's cubes, some flags  +