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Coordinating with villages so they’re in the right place. Making sure they have everything they need
Lead(s) Martin
This team needs volunteers

Team members

Daniel McVeighDaniel McVeigh30 August 20183 September 2018
JosephRowlandsJoseph Rowlands30 August 20183 September 2018
MattGoodyMatt Goody30 August 20183 September 2018
ModarrDanté Whitworth-Ryan
PezPez30 August 2018 22:00:003 September 2018 00:00:00

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We need people to help with

  • Helping villages organise & plan before the event
  • Outreach to get people organising villages
  • Village tent & furniture orders
  • Assisting villages on-site
  • Coordinating between the EMF crew and the villages