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Teams currently looking for volunteers

Please see for a list of teams looking for volunteers.

If you're interested in getting involved with a team, please get in touch on IRC, or email

Full list of teams

  • Admin - Top level event organisation, including licensing, finance, and working with suppliers
  • Art & Installations - Bringing art and artists to EMF
  • Badge - Design, manufacture and distribution of the electronic camp badge
  • Bar - The main bar
  • Catering - Organising public food vendors for the event
  • Communications - Social media, press and keeping attendees informed
  • Conduct and Access - Looking after attendees and ensuring the event is accessible
  • Content - Organising, outreach and support for: talks, workshops, installations & music
  • Cybar - The second bar, music venue and arts space
  • Design - visuals and physical assets across the festival
  • Diversity & Outreach - considering where attendees/volunteers/speakers come from with an eye to inclusivity
  • First Aid - ensuring that medical help is available to everyone on site
  • InfoDesk - making sure attendees know what's happening, both online and at the physical desk
  • Logistics - ensuring things get where they need to be at the right time
  • LOC (Lighting) - lighting throughout the site
  • NOC (Networking) - bringing internet to the field
  • Power - bringing power to the field
  • Site - coordinating suppliers, build up and tear down of the site
  • Shop - handling and staffing the on site shop
  • Sponsorship - arranging sponsorship for the event
  • Stage - staging and AV
  • Tent - helping people new to the event, and with camping
  • Villages - coordination of villages including layout and tents
  • Volunteering - managing volunteers, shift sign-up, scheduling, and rewards
  • Web - the main website as well as other support systems such as the volunteer system
  • Youth - organising the youth programme and liaising with childcare providers

Teams with Wiki Pages

Team:First Aid