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Description Amateur Satellite Users and Developers
Activities Space, Satellites, Radio, ISS
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Relevant interests
Estonian E-Residency, Music, Photography, Python, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, Rust (programming language)
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing Fri Aug 31 0:00 Sun Sep 2 22:00
David (Badger) Johnson Thu Sep 27 12:00 Sun Sep 2 17:00 Amateur Radio Satellite Ground Station (IC-9100, GS-232, X-Pol ants, Preamps, coax, cables, 80A 12PSU, 16A Extension)

SATNogs G/S for 2 & 70 Pop-Up Signs

Jules Tripod mounted AZ/EL with LVB tracker. Plenty of space to mount antennas.
Laurence Stant Mon Aug 27 0:00 Tue Sep 4 0:00 @emfweather weather station, LED lighting for mast, ex-army fluoro kit for Coleman event shelter and gazebos.
Phil Crump Wed Aug 29 12:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00 Gazebo, Network cabling, binbags, Stove & Kettle, Tea, coffee, milk, mini-fridges, UKHASnet Gateway & Sensors & parts, ssdv hab payload (semi-assembled), soldering iron, tools, power supply.
Wouter Weggelaar - PA3WEG extension cords with Dutch SchuKo and CEE single phase (caravan plugs), camera and Digital Amateur Television (DATV) encoder, portable satellite station. Random radio bits and bobs
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AMSAT-UK represents the amateur satellite community in the UK whose members not only operate amateur satellites but also help to design, build and fund them.

During EMF we have been granted permission by OFCom to use the Special Event callsign GB0AUK for our Amateur Satellite Groundstation which demonstrate collection of satellite telemetry and communication with Amateur Satellites.