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Amateur Radio

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Description Ham radio at its finest!
Contact User:Plett
Activities Demonstrations of Amateur Radio communication and possibly some contesting.

Relevant interests
Badge, Electronics, Open Source Software, Radio, Raspberry Pi
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Calum WSPR Thu Aug 30 0:00 Mon Sep 3 0:00
Dominic Cleal Radio + portable contesting equipment
Jon Fautley (M0NGY) Fri Aug 31 12:00 Sun Sep 2 16:00 If I have it and we need it, I'll bring it
Marrold (2E0SIP) Hopefully a DMR and Analogue Gateway, bridged together.

A tent Good times

Paul Gibson MØTZO Fri Aug 31 0:00 Sun Sep 2 0:00
Paul Lettingon M0PLL Fri Aug 31 0:00 Sun Sep 2 0:00 APRS digipeater
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Back for our third EMFCamp, the EMFHams Amateur Radio village will hopefully be bringing along a big mast to talk to the world, a special event callsign, some satellite gear, an APRS digipeater/igate and a voice repeater - all of which will be available for demonstration. Come along and see what we do.


EMF Hub - an Amateur Radio 'Bridge'

We intend to have an Analogue FM and DMR 'Gateway' on site. These will be bridged together, allowing analogue and DMR users to communicate. The gateways will also be linked to various RF and RoIP based networks, allowing amateurs around the world to connect the onsite gateways and chat with attendees.

The system is already live and accepting connections from the various networks, so attendees can get to know each other and start planning for EMF 2018. Please note, the system is still being tested, so there may be the occasional blip.

For more information see EMF_Hub_-_Amateur_Radio_'Bridge' or visit the EMF Hub Webpage

We are looking for volunteers familiar with web design and programming to create some 'cool stuff'. Get in touch!

Bringing your own hotspot or gateway

Since the last EMF Camp, digital and analogue hotspot usage has exploded. We're expecting there will be several on site, so we must coordinate on Frequencies and Colour Codes to ensure we don't interfere with each other, or even worse, create a network loop.

If you plan on bringing a hotspot, please add your name and or call sign to the table below so we can coordinate closer to the time.

Name Callsign Device Intended Modes Access Control Support
Marrold 2E0SIP Libre ZUMspot DMR Yes



The established convention in the UK is to use the following frequencies with Colour Code 1, Slot 2 and Talk Group 9 for "general" communications, however it's still possible to make calls to other groups and also private calls.

Channel Frequency Notes
DH1 438.5875
DH2 438.6000
DH3 438.6125 Calling Channel
DH4 438.6250
DH5 438.6375
DH6 438.6500

I propose we maintain a list of users and DMR IDs and produce an EMF Code Plug closer to the time. This will enable users to private calls on site:

Name Call Sign DMR ID
Marrold 2E0SIP 2343265
Paul M0TZO 2342395
Paul (plett) M0PLL 2352237
Jon M0NGY 2352198