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Description UKHAS & Friends
Activities High Altitude Ballooning, Amateur Radio, Badge Hacking, etc.

Relevant interests
Badge, Electronics, Open Source Software, Radio, Raspberry Pi
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Adam Greig
Chris Stubbs
David Turner Possibly a lighting installation if I get around to building it.

Slightly muddy white LED strip to give away if anybody wants it.

Dom Tag Thu Aug 30 0:00 Sun Sep 2 0:00
Laurence Stant G5500 rotator and spare control cable if needed.

Any mains distribution needed. 2 colemans shelters, gazebo, fridge, microwave, MOD fluoro lighting. 6 tables and many soldering irons for workshop/challenge as per 2016. Clarke PU12 mast with web-scored LED high striker strength game.

Phil Crump Network Cabling if needed.

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