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[[MapFix::52.04045, -2.37661~The Moose Village~DK G2~25px-Village-Moose.png~Moose~Moose!~Template:GetImageFilename|]]


Description Moose!
Contact User:Hamish
Web Site
Activities Cooking, hacking, lounging,walking,falling,running..
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing Arrived?
Catsoup Thu Jun 2 18:30 Sun Jun 5 18:30 boundless joy, also a stove and a (small) speaker
Dave Lambley Thu Jun 2 0:00 Mon May 30 0:00
Hamish Thu Jun 2 12:00 Mon Jun 6 12:00
Murble Thu Jun 2 15:00 Sun Jun 5 18:00
Spacebug Thu Jun 2 18:00 Sun Jun 5 16:00 A kettle, cheese and a caffeine headache.
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We are just a bunch of people that got connected by crazy and various circumstances

Just a bunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese) who connected by crazy and various circumstances, in a spontaneous and still very dynamic way.

Come and visit, we can tell you about all the mosses.