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Rushes for the film can be found at ftp.portfast.net

  • username: postproduction
  • password: deckardisareplicant

You are welcome to edit the film as per the script or mash it up into something else entirely

Format specifics

We are shooting 50 frames a second as this is the most useful frame rate we can shoot if we want to slow down any of the shots.

Recording format (camera): 1080p50 AVCHD 48khz sound (can also record 1080p25 if low light becomes an issue, but will need to transcode this up to 1080p50 for editing on a 1080p50 timeline)

Recording format (sound): 24 bit PCM 48Khz

Final export: probably 1080p25 as most web video services can play this.

Ingest specifics

Robert McWilliam our Data technician is in charge of this.

  • Sync video to clean audio using Dual Eyes (I have a copy of this) A free trial of Plural Eyes will also do the job
  • SD card clones uploaded to server (read-only) + copied to local HDD ideally using rsync
  • Synced & transcoded footage uploaded to server + copied to local HDD.

Need to have a conversation at the outset regarding whether conversion to prores is sensible or if trascode only applies to ensuring all footage is at 1080p50.

Transcoding programme will be MPEG Streamclip. It is free, please download a copy.

If editing in Premiere the following may need to be downloaded to enable reading of prores files: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5744

Collaboration specifics

Log onto the storage at:

  • hostname: ftp.portfast.net (no longer webcast.emf.camp)
  • username: postproduction
  • password: deckardisareplicant

using FTP (cyberduck for mac, win scp for windows are useful and free programs you can use)

Our storage will have two directories 'from_film_crew' and 'from_post_production'.

You can only read from the 'from_film_crew' directory. The rushes will be there. You can read and write from and to the 'from_post_production' directory.

Please make a folder with your name on it and put your contributions into this, descriptive sub-folder names are a bonus. Email emffilm at peanutsandwich dot org dot uk with the details of anything you have sent us and also please edit the bottom of this page with specifics of anything you contribute

Contributor Content contributed Format Location On Server Notes