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Ben Fitzgerald

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Bringing [[Bringing::Not sure yet - have some good ideas but will see what I can arrange.|]]Not sure yet - have some good ideas but will see what I can arrange.
Arrival [[Arrival::2018/08/31 09:00|]]2018/08/31 09:00
Departure [[Departure::2018/09/02 22:00|]]2018/09/02 22:00
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[[AttendeePagename::Ben.fitzgerald|]] Hi, I've been to and enjoyed EMW, EMF 2014 & 2016 and looking forward to EMF 2018.

For the last two events and for this one also, I've volunteered helping out with SpeakerOps 'being Oprah' and making life easier for speakers in showing them where to go, making sure that they hae all they need, introducing them & taking the mic round for questions during the talks etc. Lots of fun and you get to meet some very interesting people (a universal at EMFCamp).

As far as interests go I'm interested in everything to different degrees which can sometimes be a problem as there is so much to potentially do and only so many hours to do it in! If pushed to think about it more I'd say more into technical matters than art as I've nill artistic ability though I do appreciate it the more and talents of others for that. The diversity of EMFCamp and opportunity to discover new and interesting things makes it the ideal event. OK so for some specific things I'm happy to talk about all day, technology, computing, security, transport, planes, submarines, radio, changing the world for the better, geotechnocratics, the Baltics, udimonism, & philosophy.

My work is at Onega Ltd where I'm a director and we provide IT services (MSP / VAR / Support / Security / Comms / Networks / Compliance / VOIP / Cloud etc.) and support to businesses in London, UK and beyond in this connected age. We're also hiring at the moment in case any EMF campers are looking for a fun and challenging role in IT support please do get in touch or if you know anyone good who you can refer to us then we'd be delighted to pay for your EMF ticket to say thankyou if they end up on our team (based Docklands / London, New York or Riga).