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Description EMF Communications Headquarters
Contact User:marrold
Web Site
Activities Communications including Amateur Radio, Telephones, Retro Computers, and stuff
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Hello, we’re the EMF Communication Headquarters, a communications focused village at EMF1. In previous years we've been known as the Amateur Radio Village, but our interests have broadened so we've rebranded.

We'll be doing things with Amateur Radio, Telecommunications, Retro Computers, etc

We're home to:

  • The EMF Hams - An Amateur Radio Club (G1EMF) made up of EMF attendees.
  • MastCar ARC - An Amateur Radio Tactical Response vehicle, formerly used for outside Broadcasts by the BBC. Holds the callsign G1CAR.
  • CuTEL - A Premium Telecommunications Provider


We're mostly coordinating things on the website and Telegram. If you want to get hold of us but don't use Telegram, ping marrold on the EMF IRC / Matrix chat.

1We're not affiliated with the EMF organisers, but the name was too great to pass up on.