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EEH Village

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Description East Essex Hackspace Village
Contact User:Timn
Web Site
Activities hacky racer, wii remote ride on boards, other things!
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A group from East Essex Hackspace. Feel free to join us and participate in pancake mornings or socialise in the afternoons/evenings.

Our village also hosts our mini Jeep 18 hacky racer, a couple of wii remote ride on boards which are handy transports.

Depending on the amount of room in the van, we may also be bringing along a few of our other items such as the augmented reality sandbox, traffic light games and our 3D printed 3D printer (it's more printed than you'd expect)

Members Bringing
TimN Van with hacky racer, platforms, gazebo, cooking & kettle
Matt + 3 'Indestructable' 3D Printed RC Car
Lucas + 4