Gothic Valley

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Gothic Valley

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Description A disorganised bunch of goths and goth-adjacent folk
Contact User:PeterHicks
Activities Puns and Geekery
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This village currently has 7 inhabitants. You can add yourself to a village's inhabitants list by editing your profile page, here (after creating an account, if you do not yet have one).

List of inhabitants

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Village People

Since the 'List of inhabitants' is only those who've signed up for a Wiki account, here's the list of everyone in the village:

  • FatherPerf (talk) +2 people in one large tent (approx 6x3m)
  • Poggs
  • Nicky
  • John R+1
  • lpg
  • Rory + Dadering
  • doop, Juliet + Leon
  • Jacqu1c
  • Squirmelia
  • Adam A
  • +1 anonymous

Contacting us

We're available on GOTH (4684), and we'll also have a landline, 6665 because not all of us are goths so we can't be 6666.

Bat Facts

We will have a server giving out facts on bats, available via the following:

  • finger (live after we arrive)
  • Dial BAT0 (2280) from a fax machine to receive a bat fact by fax (BATFAX)
  • Call BAT5 (2285) from a telephone to hear a bat fact


  • FatherPerf (talk) is bringing a 3x3m gazebo to act as a communal area, will also have a table with benches
  • Poggs (talk) is bringing puns and Dad jokes
  • Thingus and Emma one ~2x1 tent