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Description Dutch hackerspaces
Contact User:zeno4ever
Web Site hackerspaces.nl
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Dutch Hackerspaces at EMF


Location on map

We are next to MK Makerspace / Thea village. There is a TkkrLab Banner in front of our village.

For all Dutch hackerspaces see https://hackerspaces.nl

  • TkkrLab, Enschede
  • Revspace, Den Haag
  • Hackalot, Eindhoven
  • Hackerspace Nijmegen, Nijmegen

Who brings what

  • Tents ?

Travel scheme

Who Arrival Departure Travel form Extra
Yvo and Dave (TkkrLab) Wednesday Sunday (noon) Car/Ferry
cmpxchg 30-05-2024
Dutchmartin Thursday Monday Car/Ferry
Bastiaan Not a member of a hackerspace (no one close by), but kind of building my own one at home :) Willing to connect, share and learn with others. Will stop by during the camp.