London Aerospace

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London Aerospace

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Description London Hackspace subgroup spinoff, occasionally with temporarily airborne stuff
Contact User:Andhya
Web Site
Activities drone building, drone flying, drone crashing, drone repairing. preferably in that order
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The increasingly misnamed London Aerospace. All things drone and model flight-related. We're a friendly bunch, so feel free to swing by and say hello, or simply stare at our mesmerising RGB village sign.

Very old beige radio control transmitter
High tech radio equipment

EMF2024 Contributions

The Sign

Come, be mesmerised by The Sign

Tiny Whooping the Circus Tent

Anything vaguely R/C that can whizz around the Stage A circus tent without causing any grief is welcome to join in. Anything with 5.8GHz radios must only be powered on as permitted by the workshop organiser.