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Description Pepsi + Milk enjoyers
Contact User:7coil
Web Site https://pilk.uk/
Activities Pepsi, Milk
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Pilk is a delicious fizzy drink made by combining Pepsi and milk.[1]


Yes - It's pilk!


Telephone Numbers in use by PilkSoc Interactive On-Line
Number Label Type Info
7445 (PILK) Dell Latitude D610 (Windows Fax and Scan) POTS (FAX) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Fax_and_Scan
7550 (PLK0) Random ScotRail Apology APP Audio clips from https://scotrail.datasette.io/scotrail/announcements
7551 (PLK1) PilkSoc Telephone POTS (BT)
7552 (PLK2) Leo's GSM phone (if they can get a SIM card) GSM
7553 (PLK3) Leo's SIP phone SIP
7554 (PLK4) Danny's SIP phone SIP
7555 (PLKLeo) Leo's SIP phone SIP
Do not spill Pilk™ into the operational end of your personal computing device.