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Description Less serious than the name may suggest
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The primary thing we are Serious about is having a good EMF. Other things sound a bit too much like Logistics (but hey, if that’s your jam, go for it!)


Name Bringing Camp Arriving Departing
Kristian 3x3 Gazebo, Table, Whisky, FLAG, assorted tech free to a good home Regular ~Thu 30th ~Mon 3rd
Steve Kristian? Ledbury
George 3 Family members, 4-person family tent, bell tent for early starting kids and toys/supplies/etc Family
Jeff Long power lead, maybe whisky and/or juggling stuff Regular Thurs early afternoon Sun late
Graham Jeff Regular Thurs early afternoon Sun late
Charlie Regular. Thurs. Mon.
Ronan Lock collection, whisky, Charlie Regular Thurs mid-afternoon Mon AM
Adam Me and my 9yo kid, possibly hammocks Family?/Regular? Thurs afternoon Sun PM
Lucy Regular Thurs PM Sun PM/Mon AM
Robin, Olivia & Julian Large tent, Gazebo, Various tables & chairs, Some cooking equipment (electric frying pan, maybe air fryer), rocks for rock painting, some hexpansions, a wheelchair Hopefully Regular/Family border but if not then Family Thurs early afternoon Sun PM or Mon AM
Dom 3 family members (including 11yo and 9yo) Regular/Familyish Thursday afternoon Sunday afternoon
Mark 2 family members (including Holly - sorry Kristian!)

2 chairs & small table.

2-person tent + 1-person tent

Whisky. Yarn. Pretentious coffee making stuff.

Regular Thurs PM Mon AM
Oli & Becs 2 tents, 2 chairs, Scotch, extention cable, Aeropress Hoping for Regukar on the border of Family so it's quieter Thursday PM Monday AM


Unless we manage to find a great location that lets us span boundaries, we're likely to end up in three distinct camps, but we're One True Serious Camp in spirit:

  • "Regular" - somewhere not too loud (no 3AM techno) but not too quiet (suitable for some late night whisky and chat)
  • Family / Accessible - convenient for folks with small children and/or wheels
  • Vehicle(?)

NOTE it seems like we may be able to make this work! F is split into Family and Not, so if we can get the place marked at,P,S,St,V then it should work out


As yet undefined