Tekhnē-cal Village

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Tekhnē-cal Village

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Description A village for people who like playing with string
Contact User:Drylime
Activities Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Spinning, Sewing, etc
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Very loosely organised village - there will be a marquee with places to sit, some materials for sharing, and a kettle for tea/coffee.

All crafting ability levels welcome!

The village will be very family and LGBTQ+ friendly. We'll be located in Camping H for the Accessible and Family camping areas, with quieter noise levels.

Current schedule:

  • Finger Knitting for Kids - intro drop-in session, village marquee, Thu 14:30 - 15:30
  • Learn to Crochet and contribute to an EMF community crochet blanket, hosted in Maths village, Workshop tent 5, Fri 11:00-13:00
  • Making friendship bracelets - drop-in session, village marquee, Fri 14:30 - 16:00
  • Stash Swap! - bring and swap for yarn, fabric, patterns, hooks/needles, and other materials. All day Saturday and Sunday.
    • Swap rules:
      • bring up to 10 items
      • take up to 10 items
      • any items to be in a usable state
      • labels appreciated
      • any items not claimed by Sunday evening, please take them back home with you


Discord Server invitation: https://discord.gg/e9GaUHtjbU

EMF phone number: 8563 (TKNE)


Can I camp here?

  • The village is open to anyone interested in making things with fibre and needle craft. We'll be camping in the quiet(er) area near the family camping, and ask that anybody joining the village please consider that lower noise and night activity level in their plans for the weekend. If you wake the baby up you have to get everyone coffee.

Can I bring my yarn/project?

  • Yes! We are here to chat while working on WIPs, troubleshoot patterns, and help the fibre-curious get started. There will be space to sit and make.

Will there be materials available if I'm new or have an idea?

  • Definitely. There will be materials freely available at the Stash Swap and people available in the village to help. We're here to support spontaneous making at EMF2024!

Where does the village name come from?

  • It's a bit of a long story, but the short version is: The village name is a pun on "technical", pointing out the common root of technology and textiles in language and human evolution. The words technology and textile are thought to have the same ancient linguistic root, in the Proto-Indo-European teks-, meaning "to fabricate, to weave".[1] That PIE root became the Greek tekhnē meaning "art, skill, craft in work; method, system, an art, a system or method of making or doing" which is the root of technology and technical.[2] It also became the Latin texere meaning "to weave" which is the root of textile.[3]