The Nightcore Collective

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The Nightcore Collective

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Description What if music, but faster?
Contact User:NubiaMeow
Activities Making and listening to music, t-shirt pickups, game jam assistance
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Who are we?

We are the nightcore collective

Root [She/They]

A game developer from Suffolk. This is her second EMF; if you attended in 2022, you might remember her previous attempts at t-shirt design.

Quiche [He/Him]

Possibly haunted?

Nep [He/Him]

A freelance graphic designer from Yorkshire. He was dragged into geekdom kicking and screaming but he seems content now.


Here are the available t-shirt designs:
Get DECT.jpg
Caution may bite.jpg
get DECT caution, may bite

Sizes available

  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • 3XL

How do I get one?

The quickest and most reliable way to get in touch is to ping NubiaMeow on IRC. You can also email me. My address can be found on my user page.

Come and say hi!

We will have synths, DAWs and, of course, nightcore.