The Northern Quarter

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The Northern Quarter

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Description The village where Maker Space members (of Newcastle and Gateshead) and friends will be gathering.
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This is the village where Maker Space members (of Newcastle and Gateshead) and friends will be gathering.

  • Flat caps optional
  • Being nice un-optional
  • If you really must be on fire the please do it responsibly.

This year we will be extending the gazebo "chillout" area, bringing more radio equipment to demonstrate and experiment with, the original PDT (power distribution tent) returns after repair, and there will be tea. Lots of tea. We are big on tea.


We are planning some classic village telephone and fax facilities (numbers to be advised). If you want to call a villager directly then our numbers can be found on the Eventphone telephone directory.

Planning has been done on the Matrix "Maker Space EMF Camp" Room. If you are part of the village and don't have access then please ask. We will continue to use this thought the event for village stuff. Those with radio licences will also be using DMR radio through the GB7NQ repeater (details below).

Creating EMF at EMF

As a group we are self taught mostly from experimenting with Amateur Radio during lockdown, if you feel you might be interested in radio communication and want a maker centric view then do come and say hello.

We will bring a repeater and gateways providing site wide DMR, Paging and LoRa services:

GB7NQ - EMF Camp's DMR repeater with 2 timeslots of voice and messaging goodness linked to Brandmeister
MB7PMF - Dan's Paging transmitter linked to DAPNET for personal alerts and keeping abreast of the EMF program
MB7ULG - An APRS gateway with a difference (it uses LoRa so bring those spare 433MHz T-Beam boards)

We are also hoping to include some visual displays with the above to add additional makeresque interest ;-)

If you are new to amateur radio communication and would like to prepare beforehand you might want to take the foundation exam on line (bookable at Here) which allows you to get a (no cost) license from OFCOM the foundation exam should be well within the grasp of most makers with mock question papers available here. Regarding equipment a DMR radio such as a Baofeng DM1701 or DM1702 can be had off sites such as aliexpress for £30 -> £50 or if you would like something a bit more upmarket an anytone at-d878uvII Plus works well for circa £200 (but make sure you get the version with the green button on top as this is the current model).