Tilde.industries and friends

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Tilde.industries and friends


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Description Tilde.industries and friends
Contact User:Okarin
Web Site tilde.industries
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Where will we be

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Who brings what

Who Item Extra
Xesxen CEE 2+E to EURO
Okarin CEE 2+E to EURO
Iron CEE 2+E to EURO
Okarin & Iron Table + 4 chairs EMF supplied
Xesxen 2 chairs EMF supplied
Guru-san 6x UK extension cord
Guru-san HQ tent
Guru-san coffee machine + 1kg beanzzzz
Guru-san Cooler for food
Guru-san toasty machine
Guru-san tools (tbd)
Guru-san hotplate + 3x pans
Guru-san bluetooth speaker
Guru-san 3x tables 6x chairs EMF supplied

Travel scheme

Who Arrival Departure Travel form Extra
Okarin 29th 3rd Eindhoven
Iron 29th 3rd NL
Xesxen 29th 3rd NL
Jakub 29th 3rd NL
Rowan8k 29th ?
Guru-san 29th 3rd