Treadz 'n' Webz

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Treadz 'n' Webz

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Description Group of friends with some drop in workshops
Contact User:Grantpe
Activities Threadz: tablet weaving Webz: Xeon PHI nodes to play with
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Call our village phone on 4169

Map location: EMF Map, accessible camping due north of Stage A and due west of Stage C

Threadz: A organic and easy going mad lady (Beth: 4646) willing to teach people any of her skills.

Tablet, and other types of weaving, Lucett (it makes pretty cords), Natural dye’s (I will have pre-made before hand), Sewing (Yes I have a machine and a handcrank) We can do minor repairs and fabric emergencies too.

Workshops Friday to sunday mornings, 10 am to miday. (Except Friday, 10:35 start)

Friday: "Dying to meet you." An opportunity to colour your own threads. I will bring along some cotton for people to use, or bring along your own natural fibers. Warning this is a wet ‘n’ messy workshop, please bring you own protection.

Saturday: "Tangles of string." An ideal intoduction to tablet and other basic weaving skils. In my small colection are a variaty of looms for people to use.

Sunday: "Free your creative soul." Time to let those juices flow. An organic blend of Fiday and Saturday’s workshops, as I have materals left over and other equipment.

Also feel free to drop by for a natter on all things fabric and crafty during the weeknd.

Webz: Xeon PHI nodes to play with thought the weekend, come and play, drop in workshop type thing. Friday 3pm to 7pm, Saturday/Sunday between 1pm and 5pm. Poke us on IRC/Matrix/Discord/POTS/In person or something...