Community Blanket

From Electromagnetic Field 2024

A project to build a crochet/knit blanket out of contributions from the EMF community. Hosted in Tekhnē-cal Village and run by Eli. Contributions welcome no matter your experience level, age, or (dis)abilities - we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

More information at, including contribution guidelines.

Live updates at

Help wanted

Yarn Stash

If you have spare yarn between DK and chunky weight (4.0-6.0mm hooks/needles) that you are willing to donate to the project or trade with other attendees, please add your name to the table with what you can bring! This will be part of the stash swap in Tekhnē-cal Village.

Yarn contributors
Name Arriving What you'll bring
Eli Thursday Acrylic DK in ~15 colours (bright rainbow + black, grey, and white)
Jacqu1c Thursday Acrylic DK (Scheepjes Colour Crafter) in a few colours (pinks, purple, blue)
Katemonkey Thursday Around 10 balls of multicoloured cotton DK

Specific Squares

Edit: now filled, thank you!

Looking for experienced contributors to make one square for each character in "EMF2024" (edit: reduced to "EMF24"). How you form the letter is up to you (colourwork, surface crochet, embroidery, etc) as long as the contribution meets the guidelines.

Claim a letter
Character Name
E Eli
M Keara
F Katemonkey
2 Jacqu1c
4 Beth (Threadz n Webz village)