Making Happiness

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Making Happiness

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Description A group of enthusiastic people from the Netherlands; looking for ways to immaterialise happiness.
Contact User:FrieseWoudloper
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List of inhabitants

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Who we are & What we are about

  • Having happy accidents
  • Making happiness
  • Making immaterial happiness
  • Finding joy
  • Immaterialise your inner happiness
  • Immaterialise joy
  • Sparking joy
  • Making contact with people
  • Things you cannot fix with technology

Programme & workshop ideas

  • Face painting for all ages! Everyday :D by: Niene
  • Creating happy rhythm and sample patterns (Bob Ross / Paul)
  • Tryout of my bias workshop under development (not really about making happiness, I'm afraid... Still I would like to give it a try.) By: Friese Woudloper
  • Frank would like to teach 'hakken en zagen' (happy hardcore)
  • Frank would like to organise 'the hour of power' session on Sunday morning
  • Trailrun (Frank en Emily)
  • Iets met haken en breien - lapjes maken en aan elkaar maken (Isabel)
  • Iets met de natuurlijke omgeving (waar zijn we? wat is hier? thee ceremonie) - Emily

Travel scheme

Who Arrival Departure Travel form Extra
Niene & Jeroen Train Backpack and small tent
Friese Woudloper Thursday Monday Outward: Car, Return: Train Backpack and small tent
NotTheBridgeKeeper + Frank + Emily Thursday Monday Car Tenttrailer

What to bring

  • Tent
  • Speakers
  • Kitchen: Frank has a 'camping fridge' en drie pitjes (moet checken of gas mag meenemen) - heeft iemand anders ook zoiets? + waterkoker
  • Beamer
  • Cables?
  • Teenage Engineering KO EP133
  • Whisky (Paul)
  • Iedereen eigen bordje, bestekje, bekertjes meenemen
  • We'll aim to bring our own party tent(s). (Paul gaat kijken of hij er eentje heeft)
  • Limoncello (Frank)

More information (sent via e-mail)


"Hi there!

All of our tent and furniture details & prices are at - there's a couple of types of marquee left (5x5m, 6x6m), alongside chairs and tables.

We don't have fridges or communal cool rooms, but there is a Tesco supermarket nearby and a number of attendees keep things on ice for a day or two in a cool box before visiting to top up.

Trailer Tent won't be a problem - for villages we typically do

The plan is for villages to be able to place themselves on our map, the web team are working on the functionality. Our general plan is for the loudest camping to be A, B and D near the 'null sector' night club area. C should be more managable, as should E, but F is generally the quietest zone.

At the moment we've not launched the portal for putting in village activities, there will be an all villages email about that soon. As an example of some I know off the top of my head from some regular villages, Maths village have drop in puzzles and challenges, Scottish Consulate offer unnecessary bureaucracy and forms alongside deep fried food, the group milliways run a whisky drinking mixer known as 'whiskyleaks', one of the UK hackerspaces brings a bar robot.

There's plenty of diversity of activities, and more would be amazing! What were you thinking of running?

I always like to get lost in the field itself, see what people are showing off and learn about their passions. When i've brought stuff in the past, it's been a highlight to talk to people about the things I'm proud of!  You've already got plans on my normal suggestion of running things, I run a meetup at one of our workshops every year and it's a treat, the positive feedback always makes me smile.

Looking forward to meeting you - your village seems right up our street!"

Latest notes

  • We decided to rent two tables and ten chairs.
  • And try to connect with the other Dutch villages.
  • Waar staan we? Fenna gaat kijken of ze ons ergens in kan schrijven/tekenen