Making Happiness

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Making Happiness


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Description A group of enthusiastic people from the Netherlands; looking for ways to immaterialise happiness.
Contact User:FrieseWoudloper
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List of inhabitants

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Who we are & What we are about

  • Having happy accidents
  • Making happiness
  • Making immaterial happiness
  • Finding joy
  • Immaterialise your inner happiness
  • Immaterialise joy
  • Sparking joy
  • Making contact with people
  • Things you cannot fix with technology

Program & workshop ideas

  • Face painting for all ages! Everyday :D by: Niene
  • Creating happy rhythm and sample patterns
  • Tryout of my bias workshop under development (not really about making happiness, I'm afraid... Still I would like to give it a try.) By: Friese Woudloper

Travel scheme

Who Arrival Departure Travel form Extra
Niene & Jeroen Train Backpack and small tent
Friese Woudloper Thursday Monday Outward: Car, Return: Train Backpack and small tent
NotTheBridgeKeeper + Frank + Emily Thursday Monday Car Tenttrailer

What to bring

  • Tent
  • Speakers
  • Kitchen?
  • Beamer
  • Cables ?
  • Teenage Engineering KO EP133
  • Whisky