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Description Village run by a group of mathematicians and maths communicators from all over the UK
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The Maths Village is located at 52.0407183, -2.3776493 (at Workshop tent 5).

The Maths Village is run by a group of mathematicians and maths communicators from all over the UK - including researchers, authors, presenters, YouTubers and hobbyists. This year the Maths Village will be one of EMF's Workshop Villages, hosting workshops from the main programme alongside their own content.

Last EMF, we had a selection of hands-on maths puzzles, free maths magazines, interactive gadgets and games, dome-building workshops, face painting and a MathsJam evening.

If you're a big maths fan already, or want to get into it (or back into it) you're welcome to join us to do some maths, and see what exciting stuff we've come up with this time. To join the Maths Village and camp with us, contact Scroggs or Katie and we can send more info. We'll also be running plenty of drop-in activities and workshops over the weekend, so anyone is welcome to come by and do some maths!

Photo of a long table inside a tent, along which are laid out a variety of geometric and mathematical puzzles, including wooden balls, shapes and mirrors.
Hands-on maths puzzles in the 2022 Maths Village tent
Photo of a wooden sign with chalkboard in the centre, made up to look like a pub sign for a pub called The Box and Whisker, with a box and whisker plot drawn on it. The sign hangs off the side of a white tent with the word 'MATHS' visible made from coloured wooden letters hanging along one side
The Maths Village in 2022 converted itself to a temporary pub for one evening, in order to host a MathsJam.

Activities in the Maths Village

Here's a list of things we're hoping to offer this year in the Maths Village. Closer to the time we'll be able to confirm timings for these sessions.

Interactive hands-on exhibits: including a printer that prints mathematical zines for you to fold up and keep, a photo booth that lets you print your photo onto a 3D origami toy, and some exhibits from MathsCity, the UK's hands-on maths discovery centre

Mathematical workshops: including a badge making workshop where you can learn about circle theorems, a range of mathematical craft activities including flexagons, binary keyrings, dome building, and a mathematical busking workshop where you can learn some tricks to amaze your friends!

Drop-in activities: as well as our MathsJam evening, where we turn the maths tent into a temporary pub for the night, we'll have a drop-in mathematical face-painting session, free maths magazines to take away, and other goodies (including a mathematical Pop-up Shop, which will only be open at certain times).

If you want to get involved in organising Maths Village things, contact Scroggs or Katie.