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Description milliways - the restaurant at the end of the universe
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Milliways is a big group of information security specialists at hacker camps.

We bring big infrastructure which we plan and build ourselves. The intercontinental logistics include self constructed installations. We provide a space for discussions and networking. We feed hundreds of hackers with self-cooked food out of our self-built infrastructure and bring the party through self-hosted evening entertainment with free beer and our legendary Whiskyleaks events. Milliways has appeared on several hacker camps in Europe and in North America and has been in existence since 2003.

Checkout our Wiki for more general info or our EMF2024 specific page.

Currently milliways has 38 travelers for this year's emfcamp incarnation.



You find the other milliways people on #milliways on, the milliways-emfcamp channel can be found under #milliways-emfcamp


The orga of the milliways will be found on Matrix at The milliways-space with the other milliways channels can be found at

Can I stay with Milliways?

Yes, ofcourse!
We welcome anyone but do ask you let us know by adding yourself as a participant on our wiki page. This helps us a lot with meal planning!

Aside from always knowing where your towel is, there is one last requirement before you travel with us; If you want to enjoy our delicious meals, you'll need to bring your own cutlery, plate/bowl and drinks container.

Can I help Milliways?

Yes, ofcourse!
You can help us a lot (seriously a lot) by picking up one (or more ;)) Kitchen Shifts.

Can I do more?

Seriously, picking up a kitchen shift is amazing just all by itself, but we're always on the lookout for volunteers to help build our infrastructure, provide evening entertainment, help with our lighting/rigging/flags/banners and other deco and more!

Get in touch with us on irc/matrix and we'll see you in the field!